Terms & Conditions

By booking the studio or ordering services you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the following:

Rates and Payment

  1. Client and Studio agree to the rate selected at booking.
  2. Client is responsible for all monies due to Studio, and payment of the full balance will be made prior to the session beginning.
  3. Additional charges incurred during the session (such as refreshments, media storage, company apparel, etc.) will be paid in full by Client at the end of each session before recorded media files will be transferred to client.

Scheduling, Deposit and Cancellation

  1. Sessions will be booked in 1 hour increments, minimum 2 hours.
  2. All sessions require a deposit of $20, paid at the time of booking.  Deposit payments can be processed over the phone, online or at the front desk.  Sessions are not considered "booked" until the deposit is paid.
  3. Cancellations made by Client at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled session will be rescheduled and the deposit will be transferred.
  4. Cancellations made by Client within 72 hours of the scheduled session will result in forfeiture of the Client’s deposit for the cancelled session.
  5. If Client is more than 1 hour late for any session without contacting the studio, we will consider the session cancelled without notice and the Client’s deposit will be forfeited.
  6. Billed studio time begins and ends at the times scheduled.
  7. Client is invited to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before a scheduled session.  The last 15 minutes of each session will be committed to finalizing progress, preparing a backup, and burning disks.
  8. Studio retains the right to refuse session scheduling for any client who has cancelled or arrived significantly late more than twice without sufficient notice.

Data Management

  1. Studio will backup recorded media files (including session and audio files) either to a usb storage device upon completion of each session, or to a Project Recording page of the website.
  2. Client is responsible for supplying usb data storage for each session.  In the event that Client is unable to do so, 8gb storage devices are available from the front desk for $15.
  3. Studio agrees to keep recorded media files backed up on the house server for no more than 7 days after a session.  Client is solely responsible for retaining recorded media files.  For a charge of $5 per month, recorded media files can be backed up permanently on the website, accessible through your account.
  4. Files for ongoing projects booking time on a regular basis will be retained on studio computers for the convenience of Client.  However, Studio claims no responsibility in case that files are lost due to accidental deletion or system failure.

Additional Concerns

  1. Studio shall endeavor to secure any belongings left by Client, but does not claim responsibility for said belongings (including media storage.)
  2. Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Studio property incurred by Client, employees of Client, guests of Client, or agents of Client acting under Client’s instruction, as a result of misuse, negligence, and/or carelessness.
  3. Client releases the Studio from any harm or damage that may occur to any person in Client’s party or to equipment belonging to Client.
  4. Client agrees to allow it’s name, photographic image, and/or musical samples to be used on the Studio’s website and/or for other promotional purposes. Studio will not sell or allow downloads of the Client’s music without prior agreement.
  5. Studio will not intentionally share or sell recorded media in any way without Client’s consent.
  6. Studio is acting as a for-hire agent, and makes no ownership claims on copyrighted media produced during Client’s session time.
  7. If Client mass produces an album or EP in the form of a compact disc by means of duplication or replication, the Studio requests two (2) copies to be provided to the Studio at no charge.
  8. Studio and Studio employees associated with any session will be credited as follows on any physical media produced for sale by Client: [RECORDED/MIXED/MASTERED] by [ENGINEER’S NAME] at Paperboy Studios, Atlanta.
  9. Client shall abide by the Studio Policies, which are attached to this agreement. Disobedience of these rules by the Client or a guest of the Client will be grounds for removal of said person or persons from the property, immediate termination of this agreement, and loss of future use of the studio. In the event of termination of this agreement due to such causes, there will be no refund of monies paid by the Client. The Studio or its representative will have sole right to make such a determination.

Studio Policies
Paperboy Studios is a professional audio recording facility.  We are defined by our commitment to optimal productivity, client comfort and satisfaction. The following policies are in place to ensure the continued success of the studio and it’s clients.

  1. It is highly recommended that only essential personnel (artists & producers) attend recording sessions to ensure a focused, productive environment.  Non-essential personnel should remain in the lounge.
  2. Negative, offensive or abusive language impedes the creation process and is prohibited inside the studio.  Disagreements, whether personal or related to the project must be handled outside the studio.
  3. Food and drink are encouraged to be consumed in the lounge only.  Food and drink brought into the studio must be kept away from equipment racks, and the recording console at all times.
  4. Absolutely no smoking or drug use inside the building.  Smoking is permitted in the gated area outside our front doors.
  5. Do not leave trash in the studio or lounge.
  6. No firearms or weapons are allowed on the premises.
  7. Cell phones need to remain off (or on silent-mode) for the entirety of time spent in the studio.
  8. Do not touch equipment unless authorized to do so.
  9. This constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Studio, and may not be modified, changed, or terminated in any way unless there is a written agreement signed by both parties.