Atlanta's Best Sound. 

Make it yours at Paperboy Studios.  

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The Paperboy Approach: 

What to expect as one of our artists. 

Atlanta's Best Sound

Our world-class engineering staff will ensure you get a great sound every time.  We'll work to bring out your best and we'll preserve it with outstanding audio quality.

A Space for You

Our studio is comfortable, clean, well equipped, centrally located, and designed in every way to allow our Artists to consistently perform their best. 

Professional Collaboration

Our company is committed to your success both in and out of the studio.  We will work alongside you to achieve your goals and create great recordings.

Innovative Web Tools

With online booking, file storage and project management, our web platform allows our Artists to access the resources they need to be successful and maintain control and constant progress.

What are our clients saying?

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in "The Live Room" at Paperboy Studios